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  • Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Class – Thursday, January 19th, 2017, 6:30-8 PM – Have you thought about possibly buying your first home but you just don’t know where to start? Maybe you have considered it, but you just don’t want to call up a Realtor and be given a sales pitch? We understand. Do you know how to get the most of the real estate listings by participants of the Minnesota Northstar MLS? In today’s Minneapolis St. Paul housing market, first-time home buyers are finding low interest rates as well as homes with mortgage payments less than rent. But really, where does one start? No worries at all. Our team is here to help you at your pace, and provide you as much information (in a low pressure setting) about buying your first home in Minnesota. At this first time buyer class, we will first take a look at the entire buying process from the financing and money standpoint. Many buyers want to know: what types of down payment assistance programs may be available to you as a buyer? What price range of home can or should you look at buying? How do you start the process of starting to look for various properties for sale? At this one and a half hour seminar, Charlie Leimer from The Minnesota Real Estate Team of REMAX Advantage Plus will take you through the entire process of buying your first home: from the first meeting over a cup of coffee where we can learn more about you and what you are looking for in a home, to the process of looking at properties, making offers, and moving forward up through the day of closing. Don’t hesitate to sign up for this great event today!
  • Investment Property 101 Seminar – Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, 6:30-8 PM – Have you ever thought about becoming a real estate investor? Seen a few of those late night infomercials, your interest may be piqued, but you simply don’t want to spend money to buy all those books and tapes? And you want to know how real estate investing really works here in Minnesota? Look no further. At this free seminar, Ryan O’Neill, leader of The Minnesota Real Estate Team of REMAX Advantage Plus, shares his real estate investing experiences from owning a number of rentals here in Minnesota over the last 14 years. Some of the topics covered include: where to start as an investor, what type of properties to buy in this market, how to rent them, how to finance them, how to deal with tenant issues. Waterstone Mortgage will share some insightful mortgage information at this seminar as well. Whether you are looking to possibly buy and hold some investment properties or fix and flip, this seminar is a great, low pressure yet informative spot to start. Stop on out to this outstanding event!
  • Investment Property 201 Seminar – Tax Tips and Strategies for Real Estate Investors – Date TBD – Attend this seminar designed to focus on tax strategies and tips on real estate investing including a current update on new tax rules and regulations affecting the Real Estate investor. An array of topics will be discussed ranging from choices of entity, navigating the passive loss rules, real estate professional classifications, along with the most current update on IRS rules and regulations.
  • The New Construction 101 Workshop – Date TBD – All too often when someone undertakes a new construction project, their expectations fail to survive the collision with reality. The end result can be undue stress and frustration during the process and coming in a little or even a lot over budget at the end. If new construction is something you are considering, then this workshop will give you what you need to decide if this is the right path for you. If you havealready made the choice to build, then you’ll learn how to navigate the process effectively, enjoy the experience along the way, and end up building the home of your dreams on-time and on-budget. At this seminar, we will cover: how to select the right Realtor and the role they will play throughout the project, wow to choose a lender, the ins and outs of financing new construction, and how to get the best rate, the difference between big builders vs. local and how to pick the right builder for you, the budgeting and design process including how to decipher and compare different builder’s bids, the keys to staying on budget and possibly saving money along the way, what you need to know about lot selection and purchasing, the 7 stages of construction you need to know once construction starts on your new home. Video about this event is here
  • Investment Property 101.5 Seminar – How We Do It – Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, 6:30-8 PM – You have now attended our Investment Property 101 seminar, and you want to learn even more. Perhaps you are wondering how you can put all of the information further into practice in today’s market? Dan Myers of our Minnesota REMAX Team this great class. Dan started out in our Investment Property 101 Seminar a few years back. During the course of his first year, Dan decided he really wanted to pursue this endeavor; he ended up purchasing seven investment properties with our team. After purchasing, rehabbing, and then renting out these properties, Dan then went on to get his real estate license. Now Dan of course is helping other investors to purchase investment properties. At the 101.5 seminar, Dan will walk you through the entire investment property buying process. He goes step by step with all types of print outs, contractor bids, rehab loans, Truth in Housing (TISH) reports, and cash flow analysis spreadsheets. You will see how the actual process is put together, as well as the projected monthly cash flow of the investment property. As usual, there is no cost or obligation by attending. Just outstanding information for you as a real estate investor in today’s Minnesota market.
  • Commercial Real Estate Investment Seminar – “How to Buy, Build, and Repurpose Commercial Real Estate” – Date TBD – Why do businesses rent when they can own and pay themselves first? If you are a business owner you are probably already overwhelmed juggling the day to day merry go round. Most real estate companies help you buy/sell real estate, but don’t educate you to pay yourself instead of a landlord, and give you the resources to do so. Join us January 13, 2015 to show you options in buying, and how to buy, build, and repurpose a property right for your business.
  • Use a 203k to Buy and Fix a Home – Date TBD – Many properties for sale in today’s market require some pretty major fix up. The question is however, how do you pay for it if you don’t have a ton of cash? Thankfully there is a loan product available to owner occupied buyers called a FHA 203k loan. The 203k allows the buyer to roll in repairs and eligible improvements into the mortgage, so you can rehabilitate the property you are purchasing without even more cash out of pocket. At this seminar, you will learn how to turn this home that appears to be more of a fixer upper into the home of your dreams.

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