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2017’s Housing Market Predicted to Beat Expectations

The economy’s growth rate was slow for the beginning of 2017—consumer spending and inventory investment were both down—but the housing market remained strong. The resilience of the market was attributed in part to an increase in the demand for homes fueled by lower interest rates. In addition, unemployment fell to its lowest level since 2001. With more potential home buyers employed, the demand for homes increased.

Low Mortgage Rates
As mortgage rates fall housing… Read More

Planning for Solar? Follow These Steps

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t want to spend any more on your home’s energy needs than you have to. Solar energy is a popular choice for many reasons, not the least of which are its affordability and efficiency. In fact, depending on where you live, if you finance a new solar energy system, your loan payment may be less than your current utility bill. If you’re designing a new home or retrofitting an existing home… Read More

10 Home Security Mistakes That Attract Burglars

A home burglary occurs once every 15 seconds in the United States, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Some homeowners assume it won’t happen to them, or that if it does, their insurance policy will reimburse them for the cost of any stolen goods or damaged property.

The fact is that home burglaries occur in all 50 states. Even if you have homeowner’s insurance—a requirement if your home is financed… Read More

Always Start Your Home Search with Preapproved Financing

Today’s real estate market moves swiftly. Often, buyers find they need to act quickly to avoid missing out on their perfect home. In today’s market, sellers are receiving multiple offers, allowing them the luxury of choosing an offer that’s to their exact liking. So, what can buyers do to increase their chances of enticing sellers with their offers?

The Benefits of Mortgage Preapproval
Preapproved financing gives buyers a significant edge over those whose competing offers do not have a mortgage preapproval letter… Read More

Big-Impact Ideas for Small Patio Spaces

Do you have a small patio? Do you think its size is limiting what you can do with the space? Don’t worry, It probably has a lot more potential than you think!

From the influx of urban dwellers to empty-nesters in transition to even the tiny-home movement, the trend of downsizing continues across the United States. Contrary to popular belief, you can have an impressive patio even if you have a smaller abode.

Here are a few design ideas to help bring your limited patio area to life while maximizing the space:

Add visual interest under foot with a patterned rug. A rug properly placed under a table breaks up a smaller floor, giving the illusion of more square footage. Colored rugs are readily… Read More

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